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Amphorae had a very important role in the process of trade that shaped the heritage of ancient civilisations throughout the Mediterranean. Therefore, the material and technical aspects of the production process of these amphorae have been of constitutive importance to the conception of the ancient Mediterranean heritage we see today. Carrier is a homage to Dressel 2-4 amphorae found on multiple sites along the Adriatic Coast.
It is important to consider this object as a reflective representation of the symbiosis of human and nature, or, more precisely, of humanity as an integral part of nature and its evolutions. The following parameters informed the design of Carrier: Human impact as a formation that concerns human need, creating specific change; Function as a behavioural representation of humanity; Object as a thin-layered shape that divides in- from outside; Shape as manifestation influenced by internal and external properties; Water container as an object which stems from the human attempt to preserve/transport a precious natural resource.
Carrier emphasises its content by its clean, unobtrusive external shape. The influence of the shape of the amphora is visible but adapted to contemporary functionality. The archetypal amphora handles and bottom bracket are de-constructed and replaced with a raw aluminium handle which gives function to the clay body. The added handle suggests different ways of use, creating postures specific to the amphora. Symbolically speaking, the cold, industrially treated metal that exerts pressure over a soft hand-shaped natural clay depicts the relationship between human and nature.
year 2018 / type commission by Triennale Design Museum - Shape Of Water project