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Comprehensive blank is a shelf that simulates the relationship between man and material goods that accumulates a sense of security. The need for materiality creates a feeling of satisfying the emotional need of accepting and respect of others. The fiction of one’s own presentation is created, and the purposefulness of objects becomes part of the automated structure in which man works.
Neutral space liable to change simulates the life cycle of man and the environment. The element of surprise opens up space for change, encourages users to the imagination and freedom of action. Simplicity and incompleteness contribute to the importance of the presence of added objects. The moment of transformation is emphasized.
Comprehensive blank is defined as empty space filled with sentimental values. By using solid wood, the basic principle of assembling and the archetypal visual language, a neutral object in space is created.
Added objects, that sink into the elastic fabric creating a new visual perception, cause curiosity and a need to play. By unexpected, seemingly dysfunctional, the user reveals a dramatic role in the process of interaction, leaving the frame of his own controlled presentation. The relationship between a man and his possessions is created.
year 2018 / type self-initiated project / award Ein&Zwaznig