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Workbench is created as a functional workspace suitable for working with smaller objects in a wide range of activities. First workbenches were designed in accordance with the requirements of the small manufacturers, but today it is a response to new lifestyle which cherish craftsmanship as something worth experiencing.
With its simple clarity and openness, the Workbench invites the user to shape and create it every time anew. The combination of modular, visible and at-hand storage, customisable table top height, Workbench is perfect for any post-industrial artisan.
Workbench comprises a fixed frame on the upper table surface. Boxes intended for handy storage of work materials and other equipment are inserted into the raster and are easily accessible during actual work. Modularity is achieved by inserting additional bars which create a new raster within the basic frame. This enables insertion of boxes of dierent dimensions, in various combinations. The central part of the table is a surface, and materials can be spread on the left or right side, according to the user’s needs.
Adjusting and re-adjusting every part of this workspace to accommodate individual usage, the workbench synthesises the generic and the unique into a living system.
year 2016 / producer Fontanot / photo Pavel Posavec